VinAlly (rhymes with “finally”) was born one day when Alison Lait needed a tarp to cover up the family’s bicycles. Having had frugal Scottish ancestors,  Alison decided not to get a tarp from the local big box store. Instead. she phoned up a local sign company who  had some used tarps. Upon  working with the material, Alison thought, “This is neat stuff, I wonder what else I could make out of it?” Thus began an investigation into the possibilities of this material which continues to this day.

VinAlly is a combination of the words "Vinyl" and "Ally" from Alison, and rhymes with finally, as in “Finally there’s something to do with this stuff to keep it out of the landfill.”

Alison has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta, and a Certificate in Visual Design from the University of Calgary. VinAlly is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The ladies below are doing a similar thing with old vinyl billboards out of Indianapolis.