Here is a selection of the things I make out of recycled advertising tarps and banners.

Custom bicycle panniers featuring box-top closure and custom-painted decals in Mid-Century and Art Deco styles.

A lunchbag I made for my sister-in-law. Still going strong after six months' continuous use. 

 Above: a detail shot of the mesh pattern in a travel soap bag.

One of the earliest soap tote designs. These took three sewing machines and had a zipper. Wholesalers balked, so I redesigned it. I like the redesigned ones better.

Karl Lagerfeld was showing something similar to these bracelets in his SS 2009 show. 

My lawnmower, covered. 

Pirate-themed window bird repeller.

Bicycle handlebar bag, cylindrical shape featuring zipper closure and adjustable shoulder strap. Velcro strips attach bag to handlebars.

A coupon organizer where I designed the fabric. 

 European-style bicycle panniers.

A prototype of a no-sew soap box design. It can be used as packaging and ongoing, as a soap dish. 

A selection of wallets. Some feature my accordian card storage system, holds 30+ cards! The "eye" wallet was featured in 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse. 

Soap totes. See the video here for how to use them.

Notebook covers dress up a coil notebook and feel great in the hand. Each one is unique.

The first mesh I designed, wrapped around a glass jar to make a nice contemporary vase. 

Garden fencing experiment. I used bamboo stakes for fence poles. 

An experiment in flower vase design. This bag stands on its own when filled with water. 

Experimenting with silhouette fonts on a tissue box cover.