A modification on the original soap tote design, with a aerating mesh and bag that is three-dimensional! Designed for thicker/larger handmade soaps. The drying mesh which is held in an open position, can fold up into the bag for travel. The handle detaches so you can hang it on a tree branch or suitcase handle. Notched tab and tuck strip closure. Take your soap or shampoo bar with you on your next flight. Great for RVing, camping, too. Or to have as a piece of art for your shower, or to solve an inadequate soap dish situation. Keep your soap to yourself in dorm situations. Made from recycled vinyl banners.

Black and Gold Hanging Soap Box

$ 18.00 USD

Designed for thicker, larger soaps. Aerating mesh hangs open to keep your soap dry after use. Fold the mesh and soap up into the bag after it is dry for travelling. There is a tuck strip and notched flap for the closure. You can also leave it as is as a decor item in the shower stall, or suitcase handle, even a tree branch, because the handle is detachable. More photos below.

Shown with a 3" (8cm) diameter, 1" (2.5 cm) thick bar of soap (not included).

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